Diane Plant Broker

Welcome to Home Search in Toronto with Diane Plant, Broker at Forest Hill Real Estate. Diane provides personal attention and level of service by listening to your needs and asking the right questions to help you make the right decision. This allows her an amazing ability to communicate with people. That is the best way to get to know what you are looking for and the area best suited to your lifestyle. Diane never relies on guesswork.

Diane is your on-line resource, specializing in real estate properties in the City of Toronto, Ontario. She understands a home is not just a residence, but also an expression of the homeowner’s vision and lifestyle. Using her expertise, she matches each unique property with the right BUYER

When SELLING a property she listens to the seller’s needs and sets about to market your home with expert skill or knowledge of the local real estate market to get the highest price possible.

Honesty is Rule Number One. Diane’s commitment to helping others is one of the reasons for her success. She believes honesty is the key to being a great Real Estate Broker. Diane wants to be your realtor forever. She is not just there to help you buy or sell one time. Diane is there to be your agent the next time you need one and gives you confidence to refer your family and friends to her.

Diane will be please to help you with all of your real estate question.