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Understand that your requirements list will likely change as you learn more about your housing options. Proximity to the TTC or downtown may start as a priority, for example, but once you see the size of downtown home vs condo you can get in your price range, you may decide a the condo is quite bearable. Unless you have an unlimited budget, it’s likely you’ll need to make compromises along the way.

Before you visit another open house, sit down and make a list of your needs and wants — and yes, those are two different things. You might need to be close to TTC but you may only want to be walking distance to restaurants.

Here are some questions you might ask yourself:

  1. Do you own a pet and need to consider which condos accept pets?
  2. Can you sleep with easy traffic noise?
  3. How important is the view?
  4. Are local schools important?
  5. Is close proximity to the highway a must?
  6. Do you want a bungalow, two-storey, townhouse or condo?
  7. Do you want parking on the property or is street parking ok?
  8. How many bedrooms?
  9. How many bathrooms?
  10. Do you need a home office?

Navigating through neighbourhoods and listings can take hours. I can make your search much shorter because I know the neighbourhoods.

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